• Select amongst various weather triggers – sky condition, wind, humidity, temperature, etc.
  • In the right conditions, TVTY optimizes and adjusts your bids accordingly to increase your video campaign pressure
  • Maximize your digital relevancy through the implementation of specific weather scenarios thanks to our expertise and our in-depth Moment know-how

Adapt your online video campaign in real-time to rapidly changing weather

TAILORED APPROACHShape your campaign to the intensity of each moment via real-time or forecast-based targeting
AUTOMATIC OPTIMIZATIONTVTY continually adjusts your campaign to specific weather conditions and moments
PREMIUM INVENTORYWith TVTY’s high viewability placements, project the right message in the right weather conditions to the right audience
GEOTARGETINGPinpoint dynamic weather conditions that matter to your audience using TVTY’s location capabilities

Case Study: Leading Automotive Brand

TVTY partners with a leading automotive brand to develop a moment marketing strategy, which focused on Weather+Video to better position the brand's products and enhance ad engagement when the weather gets cold
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