• Choose amongst various weather triggers to maximize search campaigns performance in real-time
  • TVTY offers advanced granular weather detection, increasing result accuracy
  • Weather is targeted at different levels: regional, subregional, or even city level

Leverage weather changes in real-time to generate direct-response search traffic & sales

SEARCH OPTIMIZATIONProject the right message to the right audience – in the right weather conditions
SCENARIO CUSTOMIZATIONDeep weather detection capabilities, to power your unique weather opportunities & maximize campaign relevancy
GEOTARGETINGPinpoint dynamic weather conditions that matter to your audience using TVTY’s location capabilities
BETTER & PROVEN RESULTSTVTY’s Moment Marketing Platform enables sophisticated keyword activation strategies to ensure full alignment & increase performance

Case Study: Major Subscription Video-On-Demand Service

TVTY partners with a major subscription video-on-demand service to develop a moment marketing strategy, which focused on Weather+Search to increase brand visibility on the online space and target the audience according to the region
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