• Increase message stickiness by generating repetition, drown out competition or make the most favorable TV contexts
  • TVTY optimizes your bid level based off multiple dimensions (channel, weekday, part of day, spot impact, TV pressure, inventory)
  • Our TV+Video campaigns are based on a Cost-per-Completed-View model, ensuring you only get charged for impactful results


Your competitors have unpredictable and volatile TV behavior. Thanks to our historical knowledge of TV spot performance and real-time TV spot detection, you can keep your industry in check by conquesting competitors’ TV advertising with online videos.


With TVTY’s SmartConquest offer, capture your competitors’ awareness and traffic by roadblocking their TV ads in real-time.

Maximize your TV impact with real-time online TV+Video campaigns

BID OPTIMIZATION TVTY optimizes your bids to maximize your impact based on TV moments’ intensity
CPCV: 100% Completed Views Our Cost Per Completed View (CPCV) model ensures that our clients are only billed for fully viewed videos
EXTENSIVE REAL-TIME TV DETECTIONTVTY’s unique technology detects all commercials on TV in less than 200 milliseconds
PREMIUM INVENTORY Our premium video inventory guarantees a minimum of 70% viewability

Case Study: La Poste

TVTY partners with La Poste to help develop a moment marketing strategy, utilizing TV+Video technology to increase audience awareness and maximize brand reach
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