• Seize the moment & activate automatically in real time direct response Search campaigns
  • TVTY offers sophisticated keyword & activation strategies
  • Year-long strategic planning is available to increase the relevancy of your campaign

Boost direct-response traffic & sales with real-time TV+Search campaigns

ALWAYS READY, ALWAYS ONTVTY’s Moment Marketing Platform automatically detects your target TV moment to activate & boost your search campaign in real-time
DEVICE VERSATILITYSearch campaigns can be activated on all types of devices for maximum impact
MULTI-PLATFORM INTEGRATIONSeamlessly works with platforms such as AdWords, Bing & Gemini
ALIGNED WITH YOUR KEYWORDSTV+Search enables you to engage users even further by leveraging specific products and terms for each TV moment

Case Study: Leading Tech Provider

TVTY partners with a leading tech provider to develop a moment marketing strategy, which focused on TV+Search to deepen brand awareness and optimize search performance with product related keyword campaigns
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