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Mastering Moment Marketing Whitepaper: Ad inflation drives moment marketing boom


Brands are being forced to rethink their marketing strategies as the battle for consumer attention has pushed up advertising prices, according to a new report from TVTY. Report shows 9 in 10 brand marketers feel the pinch of rising advertising costs Over nine in ten brand-side marketers (93%) say it has become more expensive to gain the same audience attention over the past 12 months, supporting findings from the Harvard Business Review. 1 in 5 forced to cut costs, like staff, while four in five use moment marketing To cope with this advertising inflation, one in five are cutting costs like staff (21%), a third are reducing their number of campaigns (32%) while 81% say they have launched moment marketing campaigns. Entertainment & Media industry has the most sophisticated moment marketers, Consumer Goods the least Moment marketing campaigns mean brands focus their digital spend around a particular event, or ‘macro moment’, likely to engage their audience. The most common offline macro moment being used are sports events (61%), TV programmes (45%), and financial (22%) data. To download the full document and find out more about the no.1 marketing trend in 2016 complete the form below.
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