Case study

OSN amplifies their marketing message and drives conversions using TVTY’s TV Sync



decrease in CPA


OSN wanted to amplify their display campaign during moments when their audience would be most interested. Their Goal was to strengthen their marketing message by reaching consumers simultaneously as their TV commercial aired, and deliver contextualized display ads online that related directly to the TV channel that the viewer was watching.
The reasoning behind this strategy was for OSN to be more granular with their consumer targeting. By delivering an online ad in context with the channel their TV commercial airs on, OSN would appeal to the target demographic watching the channel and be more relevant within the moment the audience browses online.
OSN could take advantage of their TV spend and piggy-back off of their own commercials, to engage with the audience with creative online touch points during key TV moments when they are browsing their second screen devices.
TVTY, the Moment marketing Company monitored 884 commercials across 10 different Channels.


TV ads synchronization Whenever OSN’s TV commercial aired, TVTY triggered an online programmatic display campaign to deliver a contextualized creative in real-time. There were two separate display ads created, one in Arabic and one in English. TVTY triggered each of these displays to coincide with the language of the TV commercial.


OSN’s TV sync strategy was successful in driving sales, as well as a reduction of CPA by 57% in correspondence to their past display campaigns.

“TVTY’s Moment Marketing technology helped OSN seamlessly trigger programmatic campaigns during important TV moments. We were able to deliver the contextualized online ads to the most relevant audience instantly as soon OSN’s TV commercial aired. The results were above and beyond expectations, fulfilling OSN’s campaign objectives. We’ll be planning and executing further campaigns using TVTY, The Moment Marketing Company.” Ken De Pauw – Head of Digital Marketing, OSN

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