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We partner with ad networks, trading desks, media agencies, ad servers and DSPs to concentrate media firepower.

Some facts about tvty platform

As for now, TVTY is running in 12 countries.

UK Germany France Belgium Italy Spain
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  • TVTY helps us become the leader of TV synchronisation on the French market thanks to their technology. In three months the exclusive partnership we made on video allows us to synchronize TV spots with the 2nd screen for 10 clients like: Renault, BNP, McDonald's, Kia, Master Blenders, Microsoft, EcoSystèmes... Today we are able to say that all the TVTY's team is reactive, efficient and very innovative and that we're looking forward 2014 with impatience.

    Matthieu Le Cann, Sales Director at Advideum


Our technology monitors TV channels, detects TV ads and triggers online campaigns in real-time.

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Think big, think global, and think beyond the TV box. Don't hold back from the journey.

-- Eric Schmidt, Google. --


Our unique technology and partnerships enable brands and agencies, globally.

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TVTY was rewarded an e-marketing award in 2013 by a jury of online marketing experts.

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